Get the latest Sumo19/Sumo19M firmware. AtomOS 8.4 available now.


Atomos partner with editing software brands like Apple, Adobe & AVID to create add-on camera touchscreens for Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Arri, JVC & Red to improve quality, cut production costs and save time in the end-to end workflow.

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Unleash your cameras capability

Atomos have redefined what monitors and recorders can do by merging what was a separate feature set for Recording, Playback, Monitoring & Editing into a single device that makes every camera a professional camera.

  • Rec
  • Play
  • Mon
  • Edit


Every camera records, however the internal recording often isn’t suitable in professional applications. Atomos overcome many of the limitations professionals face with their camera.

Avoid lossy, MPEG camera compression
Low cost, long recordings with our Master Caddy system
Overcome the DSLR 30min recording time limit (camera dependant)


Instantly review and collaborate on set with crew and clients

Playback controls to easily navigate your content
Create custom playlists for reviewing of dailies with clients
Use the monitoring tools to check playback footage


Atomos combine external recording with a professional touchscreen monitor that is armed with scopes and tools for perfect shot setup

Professional scopes for perfect focus, framing and exposure
Optional X-Rite calibration for perfect colors (select models)
Monitor with 10+ stops of dynamic range (select models)


Edit on the fly and finalize in post using your NLE of choice

Tag clips during recording or playback
Works with all popular NLE's on both Mac and PC
Select models have PQ in for mobile HDR grading
Abandon Visuals

"When we heard about the new AtomHDR feature we had no idea how much detail you would be able to see until we shot with it ourselves"

Abandon Visual

Ninja Flame
Ninja Flame on the Movi M5:

The Ninja Flame basically lives on our Movi M5 as it is a little lighter than the Shogun Flame but still retains the features we have come so accustomed to. We are able to see exactly what we are shooting and with the ability to flip the image able to move the monitor any which way and still see the shot we want. Focus assist is a feature that is never disabled. It is an absolute life saver and the best part is the ability to change the color of the focus peaking. Usually we have the focus peaking on red but when we were shooting the red car for the launch video red blended in with the car so we switched it to Blue so it stood out a bit more.

The focus peaking feels extremely refined and always does an outstanding job showing clearly what’s in focus and what’s not. This is essential when shooting gimbal as we can’t have a lens that is set to infinite focus and trust that everything is in focus. Paired with the focus assist we also are able to use the 2:1 feature to make sure the focus is in fact set perfectly. Wave form is another feature that we utilize as it is very accurate, highly detailed and ensures that we are getting perfect exposure. This is especially important on the gimbal as the shot is very wide and we need to retain full dynamic range. When we heard about the new AtomHDR feature we had no idea how much detail you would be able to see until we shot with it ourselves. It was truly amazing to view how much detail we could pull back in the shadows and highlights before we had even played with the image in post.